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Firstly, thank you for the outstanding theme, it’s truly remarkable.

I am working on a website for a client and I’ve finished most of it but one thing appears off. The featured images displayed in the Latest News area are not being displayed properly. They appear to be cropped and don’t show the full image in a shrunk form. How can I get it to be just like the demo where the Latest News featured image and the Blog image remain the same whether shrunk or not?

I’ve also tried to use the regenerate plugin but that has yielded no change.

All settings and files remain the same as they came with the theme. A child theme was created for CSS only but none of it involved editing the featured images or any other .php files.

In the interest of privacy I am unable to disclose the website on this forum. So perhaps there is another way for me to highlight the problem if you are not understanding the issue.

Thank you for your consideration.

Hello there,

Thank you for posting in.

The default image size of the featured images of the latest news is set to 550px by 400px in hard crop mode. It is specified in the line of functions.php file inside the sydney_setup() function.

add_image_size('sydney-medium-thumb', 550, 400, true);

In order to achieve your objective. You should overwrite it to the following in your child theme’s functions.php file.

add_image_size('sydney-medium-thumb', 550, 400);

Try to add this function to your child theme’s functions.php. Update the changes through FTP or cPanel. Then you should do regenerate thumbnails.

Let me know it works for you.

Warmest regards,

Hello Kharis,

Thank you for responding with a solution. When I tried to add that code to the child theme functions using ftp, it resulted in an error and prevented the website from loading.

I have since removed it and the site was accessible once again. I’m not sure what happened but now the images are being displayed fully without making any changes as per my initial request or using your solution. That’s weird.

Nevertheless, I’ve run through the main theme code and the
add_image_size(‘sydney-medium-thumb’, 550, 400, true);
still remains.

But since it’s working, I will leave it alone and see what happens in a few days. Since everything is okay for now, I suppose you can mark this thread resolved, unless there is some other explanation needed.

Thanks again Kharis.