Latest News Button Link

How would I change the link in the “See All News” button? I am trying to change my site’s permalink structure to word-based because it’s presently in the (ugh!) Wordpress default config. So, of course, the blogroll URL will change.


It doesn’t matter, that button will automatically find the blog page and point to it.


The button link to the latest news (with navigation button at the bottom for previous and next news) instead of the page named blog (as seen in the Moesia demo). Any ideas ?


You didn’t set a blog page probably. Go to Customize > Static Front page.

Indeed, thanks a lot Vlad.
Moesia theme is awesome btw !

Hi Vlad,

blog page is now displayed but with “Nothing Found. Ready to publish your first post? Get started here”.

I tried to add page builder/moesia-latest news to the blog page. some 5 posts are available. Posts are public, standard and category set as blog.

Tried to create new posts from the " Get started here" with no effect

link to devsite :
latest news is the last section before the footer, button is called “Toutes les nouvelles”

Any ideas ?

Hi Vlad,

How to hide that See all our news button.