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Hi guys, please help me out again.

This is my website:

There is a button “See all our news” within the latest news area. How can I change its title? For instance, from “See all our news” to “See all my posts”.

Thank you so much!


Hello Draven,

Mentioned text, like many others is registered label, and this question is actually regarding translation, not related with the theme itself, but here we go.

Possible ways of changing this:

  1. Change desired label with poedit software. See guide here step 2 to see what is poedit, and follow step 3 in order to change lable

  2. Use Loco translate plugin docs

  3. Change directly inside the file theme folder / widgets / fp-latest-news.php (not recommended since you will need to change this after every update)

All the Best!