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I installed Moesia theme and many thanks for this nice theme!
I have some trouble:

  1. I want to change text “Latest news” to my langguage (Vietnam). How to change?
  2. My text color of submenu on mobile is diferrent from destop? How can i fixed it?
  3. I want more space for menu. now my menu has 2 line. I want it’s just 1 line.
    how I can change it?
  4. I have 2 CTA. I want different background for each of them. how can I fixed it?

my web:

Many Thanks!


1. You have to create translation by yourself and to name it according to wordpress. Similar question has already been asked, so you can read following topics (this applies to all themes):

2. You can apply custom css code below in order to fix that. You can use simple custom css plugin in order to apply the code.

@media screen and (max-width: 991px) {
    .main-navigation ul ul a {
        color: #1e73be;

Result should look like this

3. You definitely have too many menu items. Since your logo is small you can change functions.php file like this After that result should look like this
Finally you have to add custom css code below in order to reduce font size and padding a little:

.main-navigation li {
    font-size: 14px;

.main-navigation li {
    padding: 40px 5px;

Final result should look like this

4. Edit row which is holding CTA element and copy image URL from media library inside background image field

Best Regards

Well done!
Thanks dimikjones!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: ,

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