Latest Blogs not showing up in single blog page

I have installed the Thalia theme and there is an issue with the single blog page. The blogs page shows a section with the title as Latest Blogs and the content below it as empty. Here is a screenshot for reference

and here is a link to the single blog page with the issue.

I checked the theme liquid template files and section but cannot find the liquid file for this. Can you tell me how to fix this Latest blogs section and load the latest blogs under it?

Hi @saeesh,

Thank you for using Thalia. I am one of the developers for the Thalia theme and I am going to help resolve your issue. It seems that you haven’t selected the blog which will show in the Latest Blog section.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Shopify admin
  2. Click Online Store
  3. Click Customize
  4. Click the dropdown shown in the image below:
  5. Select Blog posts
  6. In the left part of the screen click Blog section
  7. Select the blog which you want to show the posts for in the blog field.

Hopefully this fixes your issue, if you have any other problems, let us know.