Lates News

Hi Vlad,
a few questions about the latest news widget:

  • It comes automatic with the title “Latest News”. How can I delete this title?
  • How can I adjust the text, color and linked URL of the button? I dont want to link to all posts I want to link to another page. If the adjustment of the button is not possible, how can I delete it?

As always a big thanks for your help!

You cannot change the link but you can hide it like this:

.latest-news-area .all-news {
   display: none;

great it works for the button.
For the title I did the following to hide it:
.latest-news-area .widget-title {
display: none;

This works also but now I cant show any title there. Actually I want a title but it should something different than “Latest news” which seems to be predefined. Is there a chance to show my own title?

Sorry, I missed the title question. There is a title field in the Latest News widget, you just need to add your title there.