Lastest news: Change the url "see all our news"

Hi Vlar,

Can you help me to change the url " see all our news" from the lastest news. Example when i click on it, it link to a news category like demo.

Thanks you.


It doesn’t link to a category in the demo, it links to the blog page. For that to happen you need to make sure that in Customize > Static Front Page you’ve selected a blog page, as well as a front page.


With the latest theme version, I presume it’s possible to show posts from a single category?
I say this because while configuring the FP: Latest News widget, there’s a field that requests a category’s SLUG.

Where do I find the slug for my category so that only those posts are shown in the blog page (i.e. after pressing See All Our News)


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It doesn’t actually work like that. The button leads to your Blog page and it shows posts from all categories.
The category select option is just for showing from a certain category. For example you might want to always show on the front page widget only three of your most interesting posts, and you group them in a category and only display that one.

The slug is your category name in lowercase. If the name has more words then it’s like this: more-words.

Hi guys,

I am using Sydney Pro
my problem is that

 &gt; when I press the button "See all Posts" on the widget <strong>FP:Lastest News</strong> it only shows me the newest post and not all of my post.

you can check out my website here:

Can you pls help me with this issue? I tried a lot but still couldnt figured it out…

Thank you !

for some reason, altho I have defined my blogs page and front page, ‘see all our news’ in ‘FP latest news’ widget takes me back to the front page.
how can I change the path?