Language switcher


I will make a photography website with the Sydney theme and like to have a language switcher because the site needs to be in English and Russian.

I’ve installed the polylang plugin and have been able to add it as a widget on the home page. You can see it here -

Thing is I like to have the switcher on the top menu and can’t see how its possible.

It would also be nice if the switcher also had the Russian home page with the large screen image slider - is this possible ?

Thanks in advance.

I figured out how to get the language switcher on the menu thanks to this article -

The second question still remains though - how to get the background image slider on both home pages ?


Don’t think it is really possible while having the slider turned off for secondary pages. Only one of them is considered to be your actual homepage, the other is just a regular page.

OK thanks,

I’m working on the official website now -

I have added a header which appears on the Russian language pages which seems OK.

However when clicking onto the Russian language it opens with a page saying “Nothing Found”.

I am probably doing something silly because its the first time I’ve used this plugin…

yes its because I didn’t translate the pages