Language switcher: No .mo files?

Hi! I’m trying to install a language switcher however your theme is not internationalized. (By that I mean that there are no .mo files.) Is there a way to fix this?


The theme is translation ready. That means there is a .pot file that can be used to generate .po and .mo files out of it. Obviously, that would require actually translating the strings as there are no other languages other than English available.

However, if you’re trying to use a language switcher then I assume you want to make your site’s content available in different languages? In which case .mo files don’t have much importance and you should use Polylang.

Polylang requires .mo files.

“Take care that your theme must come with the corresponding .mo files (Polylang downloads them for themes and plugins bundled with WordPress). If your theme is not internationalized yet, please refer to the codex or ask the theme author to internationalize it.”

Again, you don’t need a .mo file to translate your content. We’re not including a .mo file in the theme because it would not make sense to include an English .mo since the theme is already in English. That’s why we provide the .pot file.
Also, every string in the theme is internationalized and ready for translation.

Install Loco Translate for a bit and you can use it to generate .po and .mo files from the theme’s .pot file.