Language problem on the front page

Hi !
I have an issue I can’t find a way to fix.
I have three home pages for my website, in french, english and spanish. The employees band is working fine… when I switch a language, it changes to the language I choose… but the text widget stay always the same… for the three home page… help please !
My webpage:
Thanks !

I just realized a problem in the creation of the home page blocks. When I put “show the widget for french” for instance, when I click in update, then it comes back to “all the languages”… do you have any idea what went wrong ?
I am kind of scared to uninstall and reinstall the extensions… don’t want to loose the set-up…
thanks !

Hello @neojamin,

Which translation plugin do you use on your website?

Please remember about importance of regular full site backups:

Kind Regards, Roman.