Landscape Blank Menubars


We’re using the Sydney theme on our website, and we’ve discovered a strange problem.

The website & menu bars, etc. all display and work just fine on desktops, iPhones, and iPad form-factors, both portrait & landscape – except for iPad + landscape mode.

We’ve tested on Chrome, Safari, and Opera on iPads and the browsers all exhibit the same problem: the menu text is not displayed (or is positioned out of view).

When the screen is rotated to portrait, the page renders the menu bar correctly and functions just fine. But, when rotated to landscape, or loaded in landscape orientation, it exhibits the “blank-but-functional menu” problem.

Unfortunately, screenfly and other emulators don’t emulate the ipad landscape mode well enough, and they display just fine in the emulators. The bug seems to only occur on actual devices, across multiple browsers.

It is an IPadAir, iOS 9.2.1, Chrome, Safair, or Opera.

I can attach screenshots if that is helpful.

Uh… nevermind. One of our developers had made a design change to the CSS which had caused the problem. It’s all good now.


Hello, would astebbens mind sharing the CSS it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!