Landing Page in Sydney Pro 2

Is there a FAQ out there or a manual that tells me how to create a landing page on Sydney Pro 2? Where to start?


We had some, but it was outdated. And surely we’ll be updating them. Thank you for pointing that out.

To create a landing page in ease, I’d recommend enabling Elementor plugin on your page editing panel. Because our demos were made with it as well.

Further adding, we provide an access to import our landing pages demos via the Starter Sites for Elementor plugin. Once this plugin is enabled, you’ll have an additional menu “Starter Sites”, that is located under Dashboard > Appearance. Choose the demo you want from there and use it a starting point to make your own landing pages.

I hope this reply helps.

aThemes Support

Hi Kharis,

thanks for your reply and suggestions. I did install and activate both the Elementor plugin and the Starter Sites for Elementor, so that I now have the Starter Sites under the Dashboard>Appearance.

I already have a running site, so my question really is how to add a landing page that I can direct visitors to (e.g. through a link in email or on social media) where - different from my regular Sydney-Pro-2 themed website - they will get a different page with no menus so they are guided to proceed to specific actions.

Is there a FAQ anywhere to read up on how to do that?
P.S.: I found this video which is a good start.