LAG on Homepage
There is always a lag before the first call to action. The first one that says “not just a website creation service”. I’ve reduced the size of the image so I can’t seem to find the issue. I’ve added a call to action button with it and tried taking it off. Neither seems to work.

Yeah, it’s bad. There is a simple explanation: the image you’re using as background for that row is 8MB and 5616 X 3744px. You obviously don’t need such a huge image. I’m guessing you have others like this as well.

Also, switch the row layout to standard instead of full. The front page is already full width.

I changed it to standard. What is odd… is that I did scale down the image in wordpress to a smaller size. Why is it still so large after downloading it from website?

In the media library it shows: Dimensions: 1322 × 881

However, if I go to the image URL and download it, it shows the specs you mentioned.

I think it’s fixed. APPARENTLY wordpress generated a new URL for the image after scaling. NVM. Thanks for the tips.

Cool, the lag is gone.

I meant you should change all rows to standard so you can avoid the horizontal scroll bar. You still have the last row.