Kirki Plugin & Customizer does not work togehter

Hi There,

I installed Airi Theme and try to build a website from zero.
Without the demo start point.

Everything seems to be good, until now, the customizer did not load the page.
When I deactive Kirki Customizer Framework Plugin, it works again but I miss the possibilites.

Only what I changed up, is in a moment I switch to PHP8 but back to PHP7.4 on the server.

Any ideas?


I am sorry to hear that you have run into issues. I am happy to help out.

Can confirm whether you’re running the latest version of Kirki plugin? If so, perhaps you’ll need to reinstall the fresh Kirki plugin from plugins installer screen under the Dashboard > Plugins menu.

aThemes Support


I allready try to deinstall and new install the plugin. But nothing really happend.
In a magic way, anything now works again. I nothing change and it works.
When it happend again, I will write here again, I also opend last time the console of firefox and get and error with something like “iframe and sandbox” doesn’t work togehter. I not really remember well.

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