Keeping thumbnails in rectangular format

Hi Kharis,

I’m using front page and blog thumbnails as 1000x1000 pxs. But I want to preserve the quality and make it rectangle. How do I do that?


I’m sorry for the delay here - it looks like we missed this one!

If you still need help with this issue, just reply and let me know.

Hi Charlie thanks. I got through it.

Can you help me with this bit - How to make all thumbnails rectangular? I tried changing it via wordpress setting option but doesn’t seem to work. Any clue which place should I make changes?


As inspected with my web browser’s inspector tool, seems likely the posts’ thumbnails are already rectangular.

Maybe you got the issue on a specific screen size? Can you let me know what is it?

aThemes Support

If you see the size they are 1000x1000 384x384 is a perfect square. How would you call it a rectangle?