Keeping it all on 1 page


I just installed Quill and I am new to websites.

How do I make the theme only one page? Right now I have:

  • the main section at the top
  • About us
  • Services
  • Contact

But…about us and services have additional action boxes (Read more/Click here) that I dont want. How do i get rif of them and just keep it all on one page?


Hi, post us a link to your page.

For menu items go to Appearance > Menus
For about us and other front page widgets go to Pages > Front page and edit desired widgets (you will see fields for CTA button, just remove them)

Here is the site:

I cant see where i can edit or CTA buttons

Pages > Front Page, Quill FP: About us (when you hoover over you will see Edit link), on popup page you will have three values:

    Call to action title Call to action button link Call to action title
Just remove values for those fields.

For services you can’t remove buttons, apply custom CSS to hide them:

section#services {
  display: none;