Keep all Images size consisstence?

Hi, if you see my frontpage, I was able to keep everything in the carousel and sidebar at the same size but in widgets, it looks like the theme use images without any crop or resizes feature. There is a way to keep all the same so I can give a geometric and aligned vision of the website? I already try to use Thumbnail Re-Generator but nothing.

You can see it in the widget that shows The Original Collection and Power of the Force. They are not aligned because pictures have different size.


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The image size for the most top entries on the column of the Recent post type B widget is 435px wide without cropping and the height will adjust automatically.

To change this default size and set your own fixed size, you can use the Simple Image Sizes plugin. One the plugin enabled, you’ll have additional options under the Dashboard > Media, which allows you to change any default image sizes defined via add_image_size function. So you can your own size on the newsanchor-medium-thumb line to change the Recent post type Recent post type B’s iage size of the top entries on each column.

I request you to give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

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