`Justify` the Text of Employee Profiles

Hi, I have tweaked some CSS custom codes posted on this forum earlier to centre employee profiles. It worked fine but now the issue is that the text of the profiles is centred as well, whereas I would prefer to have it justified/ aligned on the sides. Is there any fix for that?

Here is a link: http://www.nexilia.co.uk/?page_id=224

The original codes are here:

.service {
display: inline-block;
float: none;
.services-area {
text-align: center;
Making services same height:

.service { vertical-align: top; }

Use this please:

.employee {
   text-align: justify;

Or change justify to left if you want.

Fantastic, looks much better! Many thanks for a prompt and helpful response!


Could you tell me on which lign number or where in the php do I have to past the code that Vlad gave?

  • is it working for the services if I change it as:
.services { text-align: justify; }
? thanks for your help


Please add that code to wp-admin -> Appearance -> Customizer -> Additional CSS.

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Hi Csaba,

Thanks for your answer

I tried but it seems nothing happens

is there a special line to add it to?

Vous pouvez ajouter du CSS personnalisé ici. (you can add custom CSS here.)

Cliquez sur l’icône d’aide ci-dessus pour en savoir plus. (click the Help icon up bellow to learn more)

thank you


Please post a link to your website, to the page where you have the employees widget so I can check.

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