Just can't get it set up


I have installed the Moesia theme (www.planbracing.co.uk) but cant get the homepage to look like the demo? I have maanged to set it as a static page so it is not the blog any more but that is it. I have set up a few items but there is no animation of the logos as there is for the demo.
I also can’t find the services tab or any way of customising the Moesia FP: Services, Employees etc.

I have also set up a new page called Front Page, added the widgets as described in the documentation, updated the page but nothing seems to be showing www.planbracing.co.uk/front-page

Is there detailed customisation instructions I have missed, please could you point me in the right direction?

All in all I am having a torrid time and just cant get it to match the demo.

Please can you help, I’m loosing the will to live



I’m guessing you haven’t imported the settings xml file if you’re not seeing the Services and other custom post types. Have another look at the documentation please.

Also, it doesn’t seem you’re using any of the theme widgets on your home page.

Hello, i cant seem to get the services tab or employees tab either. Can we get some help? Thank you

Sure. Have you looked at the videos from the documentation? The first one show how you can get those tabs.