Jump to section?


Hi, is there any way to include a link - say, in the top navigation bar - to the different sections of the front page? Eg when I click ‘employees’ in the navbar it takes me to the Our Employees section of the front page. Thanks in advance!


Sure, add a custom link in your menu and write #employees at the link, or whatever else section you want. Check the section name in the Chrome debugging tool.

To answer the question from your other topic: you just need to add a title in those respective widgets.


Hi Vlad, thanks so much for all your help! Just another question (I’m not sure if I should start a new topic for this) can I change both the fonts of my welcome message at all?


There is only one font there (I guess you mean in the welcome title + welcome message). It might seem a bit different because the title has a weight of 700. Anyway, the welcome part has the same font as the body and that is Roboto. You can change it in Customizer > Fonts > Body Font.


Ah, thanks so much! Is there any way to change that font on its own though? Do I have to add CSS to be able to change the font for just the welcome title + message without affecting the body?


No, CSS would not be enough. But we’ll probably add an option for this in a future version.

Meanwhile, you have two options:

  1. You can enqueue a Google font and then set it from a custom CSS plugin. That would require you to see the functions.php file and check how we’re loading fonts there.
  2. The easier way: install a fonts plugin that lets you define your selectors (this one I think lets you do that) until we add that option. The selectors you need to add in the plugin would be .welcome-title and .welcome-message.


Thanks so much Vlad! Really appreciate it.


I’ll continue on this one. When loading the site the first front page appears together with the welcome button. When pressing the button (link: #site-navigation) it moves down to the menu section.

When pressing any of the links in my menu (Could be “employee” or “about” or “whatever”) the front page gets loaded again…? And to get to the page I wanted to (by clicking the link in the menu) I need now to click the menu button again - and THEN the page I want to reach gets loaded…

How to make the site jump directly to the page I want to without “passing by” the front page?


Maybe I don’t understand this correctly but your site looks and behaves fine to me.

What exactly do you understand by front page? By any chance, are you referring to the header image? If so, you can disable the header image on all other pages except the front page by going to Customizer > Welcome Area and you’ll find a checkbox there.

Also, please open your own topic when you have questions so we can keep things organized.


ok, I will.