Jump to section from Call to Action Button

I found a similar posting but I did not fully understand the answer given. My goal is when pressing the ‘call to action button’ to be brought to another section on the same page. For example to the Services section. Should I be creating an anchor or… not sure how to set that up with Moesia.

Another words could you please explain what I need for both the button link and if I need to add something to the Front Page?

It’s not specific to Moesia, this is how you would do it in any other theme or even in a simple HTML template.

You only need to add the id of the section as the button link in the Customizer. For instance, for the services area you would add #services, for employees #employees and so on. Basically the section IDs for Moesia have the same name as the actual widgets.

So simple. Of course. That’s what I get for over thinking it. It worked and I appreciate your help!

Hi, and thanks for a great theme and support.

I’m sorry I really need your help. I’m stuck. I’ve been reading different general threads you so kindly gave me, and also tried tutorials regarding anchor on YouTube but I’m still stuck.

Would you please be a little bit more specific on where I should write the #. I also read information about the F12 button in windows and I just don’t understand. Anyway I totally don’t make this happen so if you would please guide me…

I just want the call to action button to jump down to the contact information which you find below. Just remember to sadly SCROLL DOWN.

This is the link:




i´ve done this exactly you say, but it doesn’t run. #services, '
#employees doesn´t run. Where i can find an solution?