Jump links not working with Firefox

I included a jump link on one of my pages by using an id="team in an “a” block and specified the link in the menu as well, and while it works fine when using Chrome, when using Firefox it doesn’t scroll down to the right place in the page (it stays very near to the top when I click on the menu button that is supposed to bring me to the area in the page specified).

By searching on the internet for reasons to explain this, I stumbled on this forum https://css-tricks.com/forums/topic/solved-firefox-anchor-links/ which seems to explain my problem quite well.
The only problem is that I don’t know how to fix it / how to use the advice given in the forum (since I myself don’t really know how to code / in which files I should change things).

Do you think you could help me?
If this is asking too much of the free support, I understand.
Thanks in Advance!

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear the trouble you are having.

I will be more than happy to resolve it; but could you please share the URL of your site here, so I can take a closer look and troubleshoot it?

If you want it to remain private, email me at kharisblank@gmail.com and mention the link to this topic.


I sent you an E-mail

I just replied. Please kindly check.