Jetpack Gallery not fitting to the page

FIrst of all thank you for this beatiful theme. It’s awesome!
I have a problem with my gallery. It looks like it is awaiting a sidebar although I chose “Full Width” timplate page. it is just filling halv of the page with the gallery which looks a bit empty.
Here is an example:

Do you know what i can do to fix this? or do you recommend any other gallery plugin?
Thanks for your help!


It’s not waiting for a sidebar. Try this: open up functions.php, do a quick search for 640 and replace it with 1170.
Pretty sure this will do it and we’ll also make this change in the next version.

Thank you for your response. It looks better but not really satisfying. It still does’n fill the whole content block. Is this possible in any way?

It does fill the whole content block, which is 1170px wide. Not really sure I understand, you want it to break out of the container and be full screen width or what exactly?

You’re right, it’s perfect now :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help, this topic can be closed.

Great. If you get a chance it would be cool if you could rate the theme: :slight_smile: