I've managed to break my sidebar!

And I have no idea how! The sidebar only shows on the Shop page, which AFAIK can’t be altered without changing the woocommerce.php file, which I haven’t done. Anyway, for some reason it’s now started showing up beneath the main shop content. This has only just happened, but I have no idea how. I’ve been altering pretty much every other page using Live Composer, not sure how it could have affected my shop sidebar though? Would some kind soul please take a look at http://test.quarryscapes.co.uk/shop/ and see if they can spot something amiss?

EDITED TO ADD: The Sidebar is broken on all pages, although the only page I actually use it in my site is the shop.

OK I’ve found the source of the problem - but I have no idea how to fix it, I’d maybe even call it a bug.

Turns out making SINGLE BLOG POSTS Full width in the Customizer/Blog Options section affects every page - the sidebar is gone, but the widgets are still displayed under the content. Unchecking the box puts the sidebar and widgets back in place - but of course that leaves me stuck with a sidebar on my blog posts!

I’m confused. I see that the sidebar is where it’s supposed to be on the shop page and it’s missing (as expected) from the single posts. So is it okay at the moment or am I missing something?

So I tested and found the issue. Couldn’t see it on your site due to LC on all pages I checked. Will push an update in a bit. Thanks.

Yes sorry, after I retraced everything I’d done on the site and found what caused it I left it in ‘Fixed’ State.

Whilst you’re fiddling with sidebars, can I suggest an option to turn it off for Shop Products? That would be cool.

Keep up the good work!

Don’t think I’ll add an extra database query for that as most people need it and it’s easy to hide with CSS. Not because I don’t want to, just because I have to think about slower servers too :slight_smile:
Something like this:

.single-product .content-area {
     width: 100%;
.single-product .widget-area {
     display: none;

I did the update to handle the issue you mentioned. You won’t get a notice though cause we’re having some issues atm with the licensing plugin we’re using but you can get it manually from your account.

Excellent Stuff, Thanks again!

Hmm, That CSS doesn’t work in my Child Stylesheet, but that’s a problem for another day, the main issue is resolved :slight_smile:

Just to update,

.single-product div#primary {
    width: 100%;

did work and products are now full width.