Issues With Page Builder & Site Origin Text Editor

Dear Team,
I am using Sydney Theme to create a website and i am using inbuilt site origin page builder. However, the site editor widget doesn’t work. I am putting up the error log and request team to please investigate this on a priority basis. Request you to provide a feasible solution to this.

load-scripts.php:41 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'canvas' of undefined
    at Function.b.closeAllTags (load-scripts.php:41)
    at d (load-scripts.php:40)
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (load-scripts.php:40)
    at e (wp-tinymce.php:3)
    at HTMLDocument.m (wp-tinymce.php:3)

Hello there,

Does this issue also happen even with the default WordPress theme like Twenty Seventeen? Try to deactivate the Sydney theme then activate the default one.

If the issue is still continue happening, I am afraid the problem comes from other source; it doesn’t relate with Sydney. Then try to reinstall your WordPress system and all plugins.


This issue is specifically with Chrome browser and it affects most of your themes which are based on site-origin page builder. I can confirm that they work fine on Mozilla Firefox.