Issues with html and with edit text

Hi, I am trying to build this site with a child of this theme and I have some issues. I contacted live composer support team and they recommended that I contact you. When I use Chrome I can’t use edit content feature in text and info modules. I used firefox and it was ok. But now I try to add a shortcode from woocommerce in a html module. I was able to do this at first, but then when I add the code the module dissapears for good, I can’t see it anymore. I am not a proffessional, I am doing this as a hobby in my spare time, so I am tempted to try a fresh install of the theme and all if I have to, but still, I wonder what is going on.


Are you able to reproduce these issues if you have the parent theme active rather than the child? I’ve never noticed this behavior in Chrome.

After you add your shortcode and the module disappears, what happens if you save and exist Live Composer? Is the module there?