Issues with Footer


I am trying to set up my website and I am having an issue with the footer. I have three widgets setup for the footer but for some reason I am still getting a list of pages underneath two of the modules. I have attached a screenshot of the footer because I am not ready to make my site live yet.


That is actually the footer menu. It shows all your pages because you’ve probably haven’t assigned a menu to it. You can go to Appearance > Menus and create a menu with the links you want and assign it to Footer.
You can also create an empty menu and assign it to remove it completely from there.

Thanks! It got rid of the page links, but how do I decrease the size of the footer now?, I find the space between the bottom of the website and the credits to be waaay too large.

You can install a custom CSS plugin and add this and adjust if needed:

.site-footer {
      padding-bottom: 30px;

Thanks it worked.