Issues wih the sticky header in pc and mobile

In Dashboard > Appearance > Themes page. There is a list of the theme that you installed.
In case to add the code above (Skype Protocol), you need to activate the child-theme first from that page and after you activate the child theme, then you can add the code above through Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Editor > functions.php.

One more thing, because you are using live instead of skype, you need to change this
$protocols [] = 'skype'
$protocols [] = 'live

i changed it tto a child theme. it is currently activated but i don’t know if i should change it back to the original sydney.

it looks like after writing the code into the functions.php that it messed up my slide and header.

I changed it back to the original sydney theme pro. i also changed the protocols to have “live” instead of skype
function ss_allow_live_protocol( $protocols ){
$protocols[] = ‘live’;
return $protocols;
add_filter( ‘kses_allowed_protocols’ , ‘ss_allow_live_protocol’ );

i added the url for skype but did not notice a difference.

Can you create a temporary login detail to your site and send it to me through a private message?
Let me check it directly

Thank you so much. I’ll send you a message

Were you able to login ok?


Yes, I can login to your site.
There is some function didn’t worked on the child theme, so, I tried another alternative to make the Skype/Live URL visible.

Here is what I am doing

  1. Add a class name to the Skype URL through Customize > Menu > Social Menu > Skype > Class name. In this case, I set the class name to skype-url
  2. Update the CSS code in Customize > Additional CSS:
.social-links a::before,
.social-links a[href*="live"]::before {
    content: "\f17e";
  1. Add javascript code snippet using Snippets Plugin: Javascript - Header Contact - Change Skype URL
add_action( 'wp_footer', function () { ?>
		jQuery('.social-links a').attr('href', 'skype:info_462040');

<?php } );

There is no live protocol, so you have to use skype protocol instead to make it working.
That’s it.

Also, the email info in header now are hidden when in mobile screen.


Thank you so much!!! I’m still trying to understand what child themes are and how to use them so i guess i made mistakes.

Thanks for helping.

But last thing.

I wanted the email removed on mobile only because i wanted the header to take up less room.

I would prefer to have the email there as before if i have to choose between an empty black row taking the same space or the email

Okay, I think that’s it. If you have another question, please post it in a different thread.
Don’t forget to remove the login details that you sent to me.


Perfect! Thank you awan!!!

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