Issues changing Main header slider font + Widget Titles

Hey there,

I’m having issues changing the font of the main page header where the slider is. I’ve tried via customization of fonts and through the Google fonts plugin with class markers. Still nothing. Any ideas?

Also, Looking how to change the font/colour for the Call to Action widjet’s Call to action line (Enter your call to action) can’t seem to find a way to change that either.

Thanks for the help! Let me know!

Hello there,

Could you please try to do the following steps?

  1. Install and activate the Easy Google Fonts plugin

  2. Navigate to Settings > Google Fonts > create a new font control

  3. In the “Add CSS Selectors” field, enter: .text-slider .maintitle. See this screenshot, please.

  4. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Typography > Theme Typography > select Google Font and do some settings accordingly

  5. Save


Hi Kharis

That worked great for the header title.

Any idea of a font control for the call to action widget’s title?

This one:

I tried using .widget-title but doesn’t work for that line.


Hello there,

  1. Go to Settings > Google Fonts > create a new font control
  2. Apply this CSS selector in the “Add CSS Selectors” field:

.sydney_action_widget .title

  1. Select the Google Font in the Appearance > Customize > Typography > Theme Typography


Works perfect!

Thanks Kharis - feel free to mark as resolved!


Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.