Issue with video background when i'm in Tablet and mobile mode

Hello, I’m having an issue with my video background that i’ve put on my homepage of my Syndey Pro theme.It’s in full screen and works perfectly in desktop mode but when I’m changing to tablet and mobile mode, the video size doesn’t adapt to contain the screen, I’m having space above and under it, and make it uglyas you can see here:

Is there a way to change the mode of displaying the video to contain the viddeo in mobile and tablet mode?
Otherwise is there a way to use a video background for the desktop mode and use an image background in the mobile and tablet mode?
Thank you in advance for your answers!

Hi Ben,

Can you share a link to your website, so I can inspect it directly and find the possible solution to suggest?

aThemes Support

Hello Kharis, thanks for your reply, here is the site,
As you’ll see, in desktop mode the video in in full screen as I want but in tablet and mobile mode the video doesn’t adapt to be fullscreen (actually on my phone it doesn’t load the video but display the first frame)
Let me know if you have any idea, I’ve used the Sydney Pro classic interface to build the page. (not elementor)
Thank you in advance