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As the title says, we’re facing an issue with displaying variable products correctly. Not sure if it’s a Woocommerce issue or can be fixed by configuring Leto theme:

Link to an example variable product (in Estonian language but Chrome should be able to translate it):

First issue: the variation selection does not display header.

Second issue: product variation image does not show if a visitor has selected anything else but the main product image from the gallery before choosing the variation.
(Displays correctly when a visitor doesn’t play around with the gallery before choosing variation)
(Does not display variation image if a visitor has been playing around with gallery before choosing variation)
Pictures to better describe the issue we’re having:

Been Googling this issue for a while now and I haven’t found any useful information regarding to our problem. Thanks in advance for any help or tips for fixing this.

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Thank you for contacting us. I am happy to help with your queries.

Try adding the below CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    .woocommerce .content-area div.product form.cart .variations td.label, 
    .woocommerce .content-area div.product form.cart .variations label {
      display: block;

I am not sure if this issue is specific to Leto theme. To confirm this, can you temporarily switching to one of default WordPress themes or Storefront and check whether it shows the same issue or not. Let me know your views.

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Thanks for the quick answer.

I’ve added the CSS and refreshed caches and the first solution seems to work great. Headers are visible now. Thanks

So I switched to WP default theme Twenty Nineteen in preview mode and the gallery has no issues there so it seems that there’s something up with Leto itself.

The default theme pretty much replaces the main product picture with the image that is set to variation.

If there’s anything else you need to investigate, then let me know.

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Thank you for updating me.

Can you share video recording to your product settings, so I can replicate it with my test site and troubleshoot it?

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Hope it helps:


Have you managed to replicate the variation image issue?