Issue with the theme

so, i don’t know what is that but you can check it your self.

when you scroll down on the page, the text goes to where it belongs but if you don’t scoll at least once the text is out of his position


Hi there
What theme do you suggest for the activity I would call: short time rental places (houses, appartments etc). The ideal example is: Personally I would love to pick up one of your themes for this :slight_smile:


Hello @slik66,

I have just visited your website, but I didn’t see described problem. Can you please provide more details about your issue?

@leszek, I’m not sure what to suggest, it depends on functionality that you want to implement.

Kind Regards, Roman.

:slight_smile: that’s why I gave the example not to write to much :slight_smile: It is:

  • booking short term (1 hour unit)
  • selling, payment (local currency thus flexible payment gate)
  • serching criteria
    How about copying the given example into Sydney theme? I will buy it!

Hello @leszek,

I think that in any case it will require some custom coding and third party plugins (for booking/selling). And in my opinion theme is not the most important decision in this case :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.