Issue with the menu on mobile device


At the beginning for my website, the menu appeared in mbiles device, it’s not the case anymore. The logo is there but not the button menu. I’ve juste changed the police and the color in CSS. I’m an a beginner in all that and do my website by my own … can you please help me with that issue ?

Aly short code I can add anywhere ? CSS or PHP ?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

This is because mobile menu button is white by default, and you have set header color to white too. You can change header background color, or if you want to keep it like that, you can apply custom css code below and to set color value to your liking:

.btn-menu {
    color: #000000;

If you are using latest WordPress version, you can apply the code from Appeareance > Customize > Additional CSS or you can use custom css plugin for the same purpose.

Best Regards!

Thanks ! it works :slight_smile:

you’re amazing thanks a lot !!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

And thanks for using our theme.