Issue with the header

I’m having an issue with the header not sizing correctly. The image should be the correct dimensions, but it’s zooming in, when it shouldn’t and cutting off part of the header. This seems to happen more on larger screens, and resizing the window does fix occasionally. The issue is happening on both IE and Chrome.
Site is:
Any ideas? Otherwise the theme is great. Thank you.

I’m not sure why you say it’s not sizing correctly. It’s a background image, not an image element and it doesn’t really match the size of your screen, therefore it cannot be shown in full. That’s no really an issue, it just the way it goes. An actual image element (so not a background image) is being displayed on widths below 1024px, you can see it in full in that case.

You would need to have either a bigger height for your image or a smaller width. For instance, on the demo site we’re using an image of 1920x1110. You’re using an image of 1920x649.