Issue with services widget

Dear friends, I looked up info about this issue and the closest reference I found is the following:

November 4, 2014 at 9:05 pm
Topic: Can you show only selected employees / skills / services on the front page?
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My page is at I’m really liking this theme and the effects, thanks a bunch!

There’s only one thing, it seems like the default setting for the Moesia FP widgets is to show every single service, testimonial, employee etc. that you’ve created in each of the relevant tabs. I was wondering if there was a way to filter them and show only the ones you’ve selected? My page is multilingual (using the Polylang widget for this as well), so I’m e.g. creating different language versions for each of the services, and want these to appear on the appropriate home page for every language.


The reason I ask about it again is, in the first place, because I did not see any reply to the topic and besides, I think I am using a newer version of moesia (1.35).

My specific problem is that I specified two categories for them, being “services” and “servicios” in spanish, specifying the correct language for each one. I created the servicios page and then made the translation to services. I created the “servicios” items first in the servicios page and asigned them to the servicios category and then did the english ones asigned to services separately, since there´s no option to have the servicios items translated. I also selected the correct slug for each widget in spanish or english and the result is that they are all (english and spanish) displayed in both pages (servicios and services).
I must note that I do not have knowledge in php, shortcodes, html, etc., so I am doing everything with the foolproof wordpress system, which for me has proven to be non-foolproof so far, hehe.
I will really appreciate your help which I am sure I will get.
I am using wp 4.3 and my page is
thank you very much