Issue with PHP version from 7 and later

I am a happy user of Sidney theme since 2016 despite I am not a tech guy.
My web site is
The issue I face is that I cannot update PHP to version 7 and later.
By doing it the Web Home page does not download.

Entering as Admin I see the mistake comes from the fact that PHP is not supporting anymore the command “split()”.

  • how could I find the source of this “split()” command? I mean the plugins or template of theme (being it Sidney I think it should not be the case)
  • how to fix it?

Thank you in advance for whom will help me. Kind regards Nicola

Hello there,

I checked Sydney’s code and split() command doesn’t present. Perhaps it comes from one of you active plugins. Please disable all active plugins temporarily and run your test. If you get this resolve the issue, you would narrow down the source of the issue by re-activating plugins one by one and re-run your test in a row.

aThemes Support