Issue with page auto-scrolling to iFrame

Can you take a look at my site and tell me why the page automatically scrolls down to the iFrame on the page?

Thanks for your help!

Oops! Here’s the link

Not sure we can help you in this matter. It’s a pretty known bug across some browsers. Don’t really know what’s causing it or if it can be avoided.

Thanks for the quick response. Do you think if I loaded the source code in the page builder indstead of the iframe that would work?

See this post for a workaround which seems like it would work. The second option. Let me know how it goes please.

tried both and I just get a blank frame. Doesn’t jump but doesn’t load either…

Sorry, I don’t know anything else. The second solution looks like it would work though, perhaps you should try it again. I see no reason that it would prevent the iframe from loading properly.

O.k. thanks again for your help. I am also going to try and load the source code instead of an Iframe to see if that will do the trick.