Issue with Go to top button, doesn't appear correctly


I had modified the footer for my site, and in the process I seem to have caused a mishap!
The go to top button appears on page load, and disappears when scrolled down.

Need help to fix back this issue.
Please help!

Hello there,

Following line inside footer.php is displaying back to top button:
<a class="go-top"><i class="fa fa-angle-up"></i></a>
If it is there, it should be fine. So issue can be that some other element is overlapping it or maybe it is js conflict. Function which is showing and hiding button is inside theme folder / js / main.js

Best way to debug this is to try to revert your changes by starting with footer. Download theme again, and replace footer.php file with original one.

Beside that we cannot help you much. You have to include attach modified footer file, and to share your page link with us.

All the Best!