Issue with Final Tiles Gallery and Astrid Pro?

Hello! I’ve used my Astrid Pro site with Final Tiles Gallery for years.
Suddenly the images in the gallery are loading incorrectly - images load at warp speed, one on top of another and the gallery is overlapping another section of the page.
I’ve tried Troubleshoot mode / disabling all plugins except Astrid and Final Tiles and I still see the issue. Final Tiles doesn’t have any suggestions for me. Are there known issues or fixes I can try? Thank you!


I am sorry to hear that you’ve run into an issue. I am happy to help out.

To check whether Astrid Pro plugin causes you this issue, can you try disabling it temporarily fo checking purpose? If the issue remains, you may want to rule out specific issue with Astrid theme by switching to one of default WordPress theme like Twenty Twenty-One and running your check.

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Hi Kharis - thanks for your help! When I disable Astrid and switched to Twenty Ninteen (keeping Final Tiles active) the page doesn’t show anything - no nav or anything. So I’m not sure if this is helpful. The Final Tiles Galleries also don’t show up. What do you suggest? Thanks again!
Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 10.51.19 AM|690x355


I did a local test here with the Envira Gallery + Astrid Pro and seems to be working normally.

Please check if you are with latest version of both Gallery plugin and Astrid Pro. Another thing you can try is change the layout/design type of the gallery (for test purpose), so we can know if it is related to specific type of layout from the plugin.

I did a test with the default layout here.

Please try that and let us know if you need further assistance.

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