Issue Sharing to Facebook

Hello - I’m having a new issue with sharing a blog post with Facebook. When I share, only my website name shows up. The title and featured image of the post I am sharing does not transfer over. Here is the link to my post that I’m trying to transfer:

If you could test it out and advise I would appreciate it!


Use this tool to fetch new scrape info, and it will share your post with image, title and excerpt.

Best Regards

Have you had any success? I am thinking that athemes is using the same method/code in each theme that screws with the facebook sharing capabilities - I am using intro and having the same problem, and Sydney users are also experiencing similar problems. I cannot get anything to work to display the featured image whether it be by altering the functions.php (with something like this: –maybe that will work for you) or using add-ons (I tried numerous). I wish I had noticed this before I completed an entire site as sharing ability is huge now and my site can’t get it right.

OK I have finally figured this out for Intro, I had to alter the code and use a 3rd party plugin. See the explanation here: