Is this theme called Rocked Pro for music sites and music applications


I am wanting to know which of these themes I have purchased are geared towards MUSIC? I have viewed the Rocked Pro theme but it doesnt actually tell me if this theme is actually for music or music type sites. I want to change the theme on one of my music sites actually its for guitar lessons and guitar orientated products. Can you point me towards which is the best theme for this application. The themes I have purchased are…

Moesia Pro
NewsAnchor Pro
Perth Pro
Rocked Pro
West Pro
Astrid Pro
Talon Pro
GreatMag Pro
Sydney Pro 2
Ignis Pro


Hello, I believe that each of those themes can be used for music related site :slight_smile:

However, there is Band child theme that was designed specifically for music websites, you can find it here:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.


Thanks for your reply. Firstly is this Band theme the full version? I read the details and it says you have to have Sydney Pro theme installed to use this theme. I am upgraded to Sydney Pro which I am using for my agency site so does that mean I can use this band child theme. So firstly I install the Sydney Pro theme on my domain and then I somehow install this band theme into the Sydney pro theme is that right? Is this hard to do?


Dear Crimson,

Here can you find the information, It is easy to do!

Kind Regards,



OK I have checked out that link but theres a lot of categories in the list what category is the info under Child Themes?


I have downloaded the Sydney Pro child theme but am now confused because you pointed me to the Band theme first so is the band theme already a child theme for sydney pro? Or do I have to instal the Sydney Pro child theme?



Yes, Band is a child theme of Sydney Pro and you have to install both, Sydney Pro theme and Band child theme. And yes, Band is a child theme so you don’t have to download regular Sydney Pro child theme.

You might want to check this guide:

Please feel free to leave here a note if you need more help.

Kind Regards, Roman.


Thanks Roman much appreciated mate :slight_smile: So obviously I install the Sydney theme first?


Just before I install this theme I have Sydney Pro 2 theme so is that the same as Sydney pro? Its more than likely an upgraded theme of Syd Pro so what I want to know is will Sydney Pro 2 still accomodate this Band child theme?


its the same and they are compatible


OK thanks for that very much


I am having problems with this theme I uploaded the Sydney theme and spent a whole day adding images and going through all the other settings like menu and menu colour and layout the top menu looks terrible overlapping over the images then I uploaded the child theme Band and its not picking up all the work I have already done and it seems to also be exactly the same as the Sydney theme anyway. I am so frustrated with this process and dont want to waste more time re adding all the content that took me all day yesterday. Why is the band theme not registering all the work I have already done. I was also told that The Band theme is supposed to be a music theme but its exactly the same as the Sydney Pro theme whats the use of that? I need help with this theme because its just not playing ball and now it seems I have to start all again



I uploaded the child theme Band and its not picking up all the work I have already done

Well, each theme has its own options storage in database, so it’s completely normal that Band child theme doesn’t use Sydney Pro settings.

it seems to also be exactly the same as the Sydney theme

It’s similar since it’s a child theme, but it’s not exactly the same. Please check Band demo site to see it’s music related features:

Kind Regards, Roman.


OK I have checked out that demo and my band theme is nothing like that one as soon as you activate it the diplay is welcome to Sydney theme and exactly like the Sydney theme I have checked every parameter and it shares all the same things exactly. Go into my admin and have a look for yourself if you dont believe me


Okay, you should import demo content if you want your site to look like demo site. Just make sure that Band child theme is activated and follow Quick start guide section of Sydney Pro documentation (but please use Automatic option, otherwise you’ll get Sydney Pro demo content).

Kind Regards, Roman.