Is multilanguage supported in widgets?

I have a website using (Moesia) supports multilanguage using polilang (SilwadiTech)

I have two homepages (English + Arabic). If I update the Arabic homepage then Arabic language shows in both versions, If I update the English version then English version shows in both versions.

When I add any widgets (like skills, services and any other) it shows the lasted version of update

in other words, it treat Arabic page and English page as one page

Hello there,

As I can see on your site, different languages are now showing when you switch them. So you have probably managed to solve this?

You can use polylang plugin, but you have to translate every page to different language. Please consult their documentation on how to achieve this

All the Best!

Hello dimikjones,

I already used polylang plugin, the problem stills. the problem in only Moesia widgets theme, (the menu and slider work well)

you can scroll down to see the same content (in English)

Hello again,

Yes, I have checked your page, and whole page is in Arabic, and when switched to English, whole page is in English This is intended functionality.

You have reminded me. I suggested to a friend of mine to build bilingual site on Moesia theme and with polylang some times ago, so I just updated everything to check if similar issue is present, and it is not.

Only issue on your end can be related with some plugin conflict, maybe caching plugin, so please try to disable all additional plugins, and leave just required ones. Then test this again.

Or maybe you were referring to direct widget translation? Actually for example on Employees, if you wish to display them in different languages, you have to create two sets of employees, and to assign them to different categories, one Arabic, and One English, and on front end you have to pull these sets by providing appropriate slug inside Employees widget for Arabic/English home pages.

Beside that, currently I am pretty clueless.


I solved this problem.
It was from the CDN, I purged everything, then the site shows the correct data. (the problem caused from the cached files in cloudflare)

Awesome, glad to hear that you have managed to find the culprit.

Yea, CDNs know to mess things, same as caching plugins.