Is it possible to use iframe in the slider

we are so happy with our website
But we receive many phone calls about availability. The info is available on our website but clients seem to have trouble finding it.
So we were thinking to add this info in the main slider. As availbilty changes the info is available as an iframe only. Is there a way to include an iframe in the slider?

Thank you!


Thank you for contacting us.

Currently there is no option to do so with default Sydney’s main slider. However, you’ll still have a chance by using third party slider script like Smart Slider.

To enable slider plugin and replace the default one, you will need Sydney Pro. Beyond the extra slider feature, you’ll also have access to some other pro features when using Sydney Pro. So, I’d recommend upgrading.

aThemes Support


looks like I would also need to buy smart slider pro.
Also smart slider pro says that the required layer needs code changes often which user has to apply himself and that there is no support for the required iframe layer.
That last part (not having to buy smart slider pro and sydney pro) killed that idea.
But I sincerely appreciate your help.