Is it possible to put the SEARCH function in the header?


I put the SEARCH funtion in the sidebar.

This is nice but you can only see it when you are INSIDE an article. Not when you are in home

or in my second main page:

Like I did it now you do even NOT see it when you are in a category:

but only when you open one of these articles.

Is there a possibility to put the search function in the menu or header so that it is always visible?

Thanks, Martina

Hello there,

Yes, that’s possible. I’ve posted a short tutorial about this which you can follow here from this thread.

Let me know if need further assistance.


Hello Kharis,

I do have the FREE Sydney VERSION without installing the Child Theme.

This is my first Wordpress homepage so I discovered the possibility to create e Child Theme when all was nearly ready.

Do you think it is SAVE to installa the Child theme when a homepage is already created up to this point: ?

When there are some risks so I prefer to let the “search funktion” where it is now, rather than loosing my work.


Activating a child theme won’t break your current setup. We have a pre-made child theme for Sydney already which can be obtained here. You can use it, in case you aren’t sure about the one you’ve created.

But, if you don’t want to use any child theme, alternatively you can use the functionality plugin like Code Snippets. Once this plugin is active, click on the Snippets menu near the bottom left and Add New Snippet. Paste this code into the Code box.

 * Add a search form to menu navigation
add_filter('wp_nav_menu_items', 'sydney_child_add_serch_from_to_nav', 10, 2);
function sydney_child_add_serch_from_to_nav($items, $args){

  if ($args->theme_location == 'primary') {
      $items .= '<li class="top-search-menu">'.get_search_form(false).'</li>';
  return $items;


Ensure either “Run snippet everywhere” or “Only run on site front-end” scope is active. Then save and activate.


Dear Kharis,

which of the both ways:

  1. child theme and the first changes you told me
  2. without child theme istalling another Plugin

would be better thinking of the SPEED of the page?

I have serius problems with the SPEED of and I do not want to slow down the side more than it already is.

Thank you!

I’d recommend you use a child theme, because the less plugins the faster site will become.


Like so many others, I was shocked to find no SEARCH function for my menu on each page.
Changing themes, though I paid for this one, seems easier than all that coding you suggest.

Please tell me there is a simple, straighforward way to simply add SEARCH to my Main Menu.


Hello there,

Try this solution.

Please note that it only works for Sydney theme – either pro or free one.