Is it possible to make the header static on one page?

I am trying to create a FAQ page that will have anchor hyperlinks down the page. The problem I have is that when I make the anchor and click it, it brings the user to the top of the page…which is hidden behind the transparent floating header. I like this feature on every page except this one and I don’t know how to work around it.

Is it possible to change the header on just this page so that the “top” of the page doesn’t get hidden?

Hello there,

You can use this CSS code:

    .page-id-326 .site-header {
      position: static !important;

    .page-id-326 .header-clone {
      display: none;

326 is the page ID number of your FAQ page. To apply the same style on other page, adjust its ID number which can be found when editing it – in the web browser’s address bar you’ll see a URL that reads something like:


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