Is it possible to have two completely seperate Blog instances?


I am trying to create 2 completely separate blogs on the same site.
One for RESOURCES and one for NEWS. I don’t want them to share content in any way.

I have tried to do this using categories but it’s not working quiet right.

The listings under “Recent Posts” and “Archives” are the same for both blog instances. For example, if I create a post in the NEWS blog, the post is also listed on the RESOURCE Blog under Recent Posts. Same goes for the listings under Archives.

Also, under the main nav menu, I have a link to NEWS and a link to RESOURCES. When I select NEWS, the current menu state is correct, it shows that you’re on the NEWS page. When I select RESOURCES, NEWS is shown as the current state.

The 2 blogs are linking with RESOURCES being a child of NEWS.

Is it possible to have completely separate blog instances?

same question!!

Anyone knows how to do this, please?

Hello there,

That isn’t theme related matter. As far as I know, WordPress allows us to have one posts page only. A plugin would be the best bet. Try this one, please. Or you could seek a solution on WordPress community support forum.


Thanks Kharis!

No problem. Just go easy on it. :slight_smile:

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.

Have a nice day/night.


I am trying to do the same thing as Elarie, create two post pages on ones site to show separate posts based upon their category.

I have a Posts Page and created a second page with Attributes Parent: (No Parent), Template: Default Template, Order: 0

In the second page I see a field “Custom Post Type Category” with a description “Enter the slug for the category you wish to display posts from. Leave empty to show from all categories.” I entered a “categoryslug” and Published the page.

Then I went to the Posts, Add New Post and created a post with one category equal to “categoryslug”. I published the post.

The post shows up on my Posts Page but not on the second page.

What does the field “Custom Post Type Category” do? Doesn’t it exist to allow distinct or unique posts on two separate pages? Can you show an example of what it is supposed to do or how to use it correctly? Is the Category case sensitive to make i work properly?

If it is possible to show my “categoryslug” posts alone on my second page, then is there a way to exclude them from my Posts Page? i.e. “-categoryslug” on a Posts Page post.

Thank you