iPhone - Red Dots just keep bouncin

Setting up the theme on our site: The Smoking Screen

Tested on several browsers and seems to work well, but on my iPhone the red dots never go away and the header image/menu box never appear. You can see the edge of the posts at the very bottom when you try to scroll, but cannot access them. Any help? Problem with the header image size or someone?

I assume it should work on an iPhone 6.



Using latest version of Safari and iOS on IPhone.

Very strange. Tried it on an Android device and worked fine (other than being a little slow). I tried “no image” for the header, but that did not fix the issue on the iPhone.

I also tried the website on mobile emulators and it worked on all of them including an iPhone 6. Can anyone check the link above on an IPhone 6 and let me know if it works.

Tried on iPhone with Chrome, still won’t load the header. The red dots never leave.


It’s because of the default audio player. It causes some loading issues in iOS, therefore the preloader screen is stopped from disappearing.

A workaround would be to disable the preloader on smaller screens by adding this in a custom CSS plugin:

@media only screen and (max-width : 1024px) {
   .preloader {
          display: none;

Very helpful! Thank you! Working perfectly now. :slight_smile: