iPaper / ebook reader / flipbook

I’'m making a page for an anti-violence campaign with Moesia Pro on www.stoppvold.no
We have a 20page pdf-file under the heading “Aktivitetshefte” on the front page that we would like to be viewable on ipad, mobile, laptops etc. Kind of like electronic magazines.

For now I put it on archive.org and linked to it, but this page doesn’t have what we need with options for print, save and share.
Any ideas on what to do?

I see there are some plugins available for PDFs if you do a quick search. How and if they work as you need is something I don’t know, I never personally needed something like this.

Ne, a pdf reader is not sufficient for all the functions I need (share, download, print). I was thinking of converting it to photos and use some kind of slideshow/photo viewer.
Thought it was worth a try to post here after a few days of looking around having no luck :slight_smile: