iPad landscape mode behavior like the Demo

how to make the site (hiero theme) behave like the demo (in a landscape mode) on the iPad? it’s like the desktop version…

I mean how to make the navigation menu of the hiero theme on the ipad looks like the desktop version?

Hi T

can you share a link to your site?



Also, clicking the ‘Archives’ menu on the menu navigation on a smartphone or tablet doesn’t show the sub menus under it. May I ask how to fix that too. Thanks for the help

Menu navigation resolved.
The only problem remaining though is the landscape mode on the touchscreen devices. When you turn it to landscape mode, it zooms the content or the site. It doesn’t behave like the demo version.

Hi T

I checked the site in an ipad mini and can see the issue you are talking about. But also I checked the site’s style.css responsive section which is exactly same as the demo site (unless you have made changes somewhere else which I didn’t check much on)

I found you are using a 300px fixed width adsense in the sidebar. can you test the site by removing the adsense and let us know if this works for you or not in smaller devices (the devices in which you have been facing the issue)


Adsense removed. Behavior still the same, still zooming the site on the landscape mode.

Responsive section in the style.css was untouched.

Could it be the site logo?

can you check this link and let me know if this work. The file concerned is header.php