Ipad issues



I´m checking the design of the web on mobile devices, and in Ipad it has a some issues:

  • the parallax effect does not work - same thing on mobiles.
  • the front slider (slider revolution) does not load correctly, it jumps, and it seems like loading constantly, re-starting the web over and over.
  • I have check the option to disable the header on all pages except for the front, but in Ipad it keeps an empty space, moving all the content of the page down.
  • and last… I can´t upload any image or logo in the customizer.




  • the parallax effect is disabled on small screens because of poor support from mobiles for this.
  • you would need to check your settings regarding responsivness. Revolution works fine on iPad. Can’t help much here.
  • try to clear your cache. This shouldn’t happen.
  • you can’t upload images from iPad, or in general?


Hi Vlad,

I can not upload images in general, from any computer. And about the cache, do you mean in the Ipad?


Yeah, on your ipad.

The image thing is most likely not theme related, but if you can resend that admin account you made for me I can have a look.